To much text in UI

The problem that this feature will solve:

To NOT have text obscure/interfere with my working-area. As on my lovely portable Mini5 (or iPad 10.5"). I figure even larger devices could benefit from it (I seldom uses my 12.9" as it is occupied).

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Easier to work on small devices. (And not feeling treated as a four-year-old with amnesia :slight_smile:

(None of my other CAD or similar program/apps, MacOS/iOS, represent BOTH text and icon other on demand)

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Nothing really, it just annoying (as I’ve learned what the icons stands for) and takes some time to manoeuvre around… A simple setting would solve this.

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Coming later this year. :+1:

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Terrible fast reply 24/7? :slight_smile: Great! Thnx!
(btw Shapr is the best thing ever happed to iOS)

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Aww, thank you! :pray:

Well, well, my playroom is here,

Mockups, or real stuff, all from AM-radios to engine parts or tools. Previously it was FormZ, then a combo (extremely strong together, covering all aspects), but lately more and more solely Shapr. Love to casually stand in the (oily) shop holding my Mini and scramble some thoughts/ideas to a 3D.

Some interesting reproduction of antique (and impossible to find) external part to be CNC’ed and chromed is in the pipe.
(Besides this, I really do some serious product development for the company…)

This may be an unappropriated followup and thus supposed to be in a completely different thread :slight_smile:


@BKE Hi. I clicked on your link as I’m interested in seeing your work, but it won’t open for me. I’m getting an insecure link warning in both Safari and Duck Duck Go.
I thought you might want a heads up about it.

WOT: And yes, some browser throw in a warning, it’s a forward from the domain host to pCloud. Old car with some CAD/Print ‘solutions’ and Gremlins with almost no CAD, time to move this to ‘Share you Creations’.