Importing files from solidworks

i tried to import airfoil geometry from solidworks to shaper 3d. i tried to import the file with the extension of step, stl etcetera. but in shaper 3d it is not supporting. i thought it can be because it is a geometry file.(also in solidworks, i saved the curve only after doing ’ convert entities’ and making a geometry out of it).
Therefore apart from geometry file created a body of a cube and tried saving it in iges, step, and several formats available and attempted opening in shaper 3D. still it shows error while opening in shaper 3d. Can you help me out with this

Have you tried Parasolid (x_t) file format? It should work seamslessly.

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i tried but it says ‘this file might be corrupted or contain non-standard items’

this is my body in solid works.

Can you send the x_t file to

i have sent it. thank you

For me works with sttep file…
Or can import as dwg If you have the drawing, or dat file

i got it working. i think the issue was with me trying to share the files through outlook mail. Instead i used an external hard drive to copy the file and it works.

Thank you for your time!

And also shaper 3d is one of its kind.A big applause for the team!


i got it.

Thank you!