Improvement ideas

Il get straight to the point.
To be closer to professional use you need:

  1. Materials -asign materials to each part. Weight estimation is v important.
  2. Prefabs library - fastners and other relevant parts
  3. Quick spring, gear etc model defined by parameters.
  4. Export drawings to .dwg
  5. Others to come.

6 - add standard library based on fasteners, pipes, etc. Iso, din , ansi…
7 - implement ansys light stress analysis
8 - think well about standard components that can be purchased, they need to be an a standard library. I will not waste time on making a bolt or spring.
9- precision is a must for engineering. Look into relations, constraints.
10- add machining, welding steps,

If you can go with having the most intuitive interface, you could seriously compete with big names into 3d modeling if you off course implement the points above.
Also with the above implement you go from sketch ideas into production parts, assemblies.

These are just ideas :slight_smile: if you wanna go big.
Good luck.



Building on what was said above, I think that it will be very nice for the Shapr3d team to implement the following feature: when I click on an edge a small menu appears at the bottom giving me information on dimensions etc. It will be great if one could change the dimension of the object by just clicking on that menu and inputting the value. That will make certain tasks easier. Also it would be nice if Boolean operations gave us the option to keep the original object without deleting say in a Boolean substrat operation.

Thank you for you time again and effort into providing us with such an amazing experience. Really love the app and see a lot of potential in it!!

Love you new drag n’ fly collab with Morpholio btw. Amazing for architects!!

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Actually, we have a working demo of the dimensioning feature that you’ve told about. :slight_smile: It appears next to the edges on selection (like next to sketches). You can select the center of transformation, but reduced to endpoints and center point. What happens, when you change the dimension is that it offsets the face that the edge endpoint at. You can still drag it for chamfering and filleting.
Also, boolean operation options are planned.


Eventually, we’ll get there to implement these, but there are a lot of things in the pipeline before them. Thanks for the feedback!