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Hello everybody.

I’d like developers to put a threading tool similar to Fusion 360 for standards.

The current system is fine for custom threads.

For my part, I need ISO Metric PROFIL and ISO Pipe Threads.

In the case where it requires a lot of resources, we would need at least the 2D shape of the triangle to make the thread with respect to the different industrial standards.
Whether directly in the software or on the site with the different dimensions of the triangle that we will apply on the software.

I juggle Fusion 360 only for threading but the goal of the game is to stay on the software.
I think I speak for many people by saying this because the request is since the launch of Shapr3D, including the text;)

Thank you for your attention.

FR :

Bonjour tout le monde.

J’aimerai que les développeurs puisse mettre un outil de filetage similaire à Fusion 360 pour les normes.

Le système actuel est très bien pour des filetages personnalisé.

Pour ma part, j’ai besoin de ISO Metric PROFIL et ISO Pipe Threads.

Dans le cas où ça demande beaucoup de ressource, il faudrait au minimum la forme 2D du triangle pour faire le filetage vis à vis des différentes normes industrielles.

Que ce soit directement dans le logiciel ou bien sur le site avec les différentes cotes du triangle qu’on appliquerai sur le logiciel.

Je jongle sur Fusion 360 uniquement pour le filetage mais le but du jeu est de rester sur le logiciel.

Je pense parler pour beaucoup de personnes en disant cela car la demande est depuis le lancement de Shapr3D, notamment le texte :wink:

Merci pour votre attention.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. AFAIK most threading tools out there do not really meet the industrial manufacturable standard for threaded parts and for us, we would like to implement a tool that helps users design threaded parts that are accurate and manufacturable.

Please can you share more information about your workflow results as we keep improving the app -
the threaded parts designed collaborating Shapr and fusion, do you manufacture the parts and are you able to get the desired accuracy or they are more like aesthetic threaded parts for your design?