Integrated Email

I use this application on my iPad. I am also a yearly subscriber.

I mainly design on my iPad and send my STLs to my home computer via email. I do use the exiting integrated email feature provided. However it currently seems to not be sending the emails.

During composition of this post I realized the failure to send was an error on my part (email account password update). This issue was more apparent using the Mail app.

Would it be possible to notify Shapr3D of the failed send from the Mail app?
I.e. in the apple mail app a modal is displayed informing me of the send failure.

The original question that the post was to facilitate is:
Any plans to provide configuration for the default mail client?
I.e. if I was using the gmail app to send emails it would have succeeded.

Just for clarification I am able to use the current mail integration and am thankful for its existence.

P.S. if it isn’t obvious I write/design software for a living. I state to be explicit that I understand if these features are impossible with the existing architecture. Or for that case the existing external dependencies. Final ad hoc question: where can I find a development roadmap for Shapr3D?

Thanks <3