Unable to Email .DXF

I have been using the program heavily today. This evening I lost the ability to actually email a file for download in my laser program. I have a manual work around involving a HUB and Flash Drive.

I lost the ability to use the ‘email’ function tab a few weeks ago, initially thought it had something to do with % symbol in the naming convention. I have since changed my conventions and still won’t work. It looks like it will email the file, but the file never arrives to the email address supplied.

My software version is: 5.91.0(2863)#b284f1e5. I am using an iPad Pro with iPadOS 15.3.1 and the strange thing is that it all changed for some reason this evening. Please help.

My ‘go to’ work around was was to use the share tab. Since the newest update, it brings up a tab like normal with the file listed in the header of the GUI but instead of listing the options for deliver and export it is just blank, the program then either crashes or I have to manually close the program as I am unable to close the dialogue box or select anything else on the work space. Any ideas? This is not an ideal work flow for any kind of efficiency.

Unfortunately this is an iPadOS issue, here’s how you can solve it:

Okay I understand it may be iPadOS issue, but how do I fix it. I literally changed nothing, one minute it worked the next it did not. I did the Las test update last night to see if it made a difference, it did not.

Where do I go for settings to fix it. I am kind of dead in the water. For a program that was designed for and started on iPad, I would hope the updates to the program would address changes to the OS as well or the compatability issue begins to be with the program itself.

At this point I am having to use a hub and a flash drive which is very slow compared to click and receive. I have looked through my settings and cannot find what I need to change. I do not have WhatsApp, so that reason does not apply. I just don’t understand how it worked all day and then quit. Yes, I have restarted both the Shapr program and the iPad repeatedly, with no changes to being able to use the feature.

Additionally I just went through all of my other programs that allow me to ‘share’ all of their dialog windows successfully open and allow me to select a method to share.

Hi @Shurta03 , in the link that I posted there is a link to a website that describes the solution. I totally understand that this is frustrating, we’ve been waiting for Apple to fix this issue for years, unfortunately they still have not.