Export to mail, no file attach


I used Shapr3D on my iPad Pro 11.
But when I export to mail, format step or stl, he create mail empty, no file attach in.

My mail app is Google mail.

Any ideas ?

I usually export using “Save to Files”, then create a new email and attach it that way. Hope this helps.


Hey Krys!

What is the exact flow you are trying? Drag and drop sadly doesn’t work (not just for Shapr3D, you can’t drag and drop from files either), but if you set Gmail as your default mailing app in Settings/Gmail, it works perfectly once you click “Send via Mail” in Shapr3D.

I use the send mail function, basically !

Gmail is my app mail default.

Could it be a filesize limitation? I tried with both the mentioned formats, and though the big files arrived quite slowly, they did in the end.

Could you create a screen record of the process?

The app and OS version might help too.