Interior design co-working space project

Having completed my final year interior design project mainly using sharpr3D. - new nomadic co-working space concept proposal space, site is Hackney Wicks, London.
I think it works great, pleased with the result although wondered if more material elements such as bricks/ different types of bricks and brickwork are planned to be added? I think here in London nearly every interior project will include brick and would save a ton of time. Also, organic staging features - trees, etc -

(Sadly I’m only allowed to share one imagel

Cheers :grin:


This is great, thanj you for sharing. We keep adding more and more materials, and mif we see significant demand for bricks, we will definitely add it. Now you should be able to post more images, I’d love to see more! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, Istvan TVM - uploaded a few :relaxed:

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hey nice works ! I really like the isometric illustrations at the end.
is it done on iPad ?

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Hey! Thank you :blush: - yes, I did it on my iPad

Bricks and stone would be a game changer.

I spent some time designing several buildings for a project I’m working on but am unable to use ANY of the materials.

The reason being… the buildings look weird with beautifully textured wood, glossy marble facades with shiny gold lettering and… umm, no brick or stonework… :thinking:

I’m now having to retexture all of my buildings so they have plain colours rather than realistic textures.


I would love to have the brick patterns for visualization, since the material is essential in my architectural design. Would you please add them?

To me, there is a significant market share of people using SketchUp that would probably jump ship to something like this if there were more support for architectural things with a wider range of textures.

What Shapr3D does, it does exceedingly well. My biggest hangup with SketchUp was that you had to DRAW a grid out. It wasn’t just there. Placing things, and dimensioning them accurately was not intuitive - it all had to do with that little text box in the bottom right corner. Shapr3D doesn’t have those issues.

The architectural / urban planning market, I think, would love to be able to experience the intuitiveness of Shapr3D in a way that would work for their own work. I think starting out with some of the more basic textures, like brick in a few different colors, stone, etc.