Internal thread

Followed the tutorial on making a basic screw. I now want to make an internal thread in a block that will take the screw. Any pointers ?

Hi there!

I would suggest you move your screw into a solid body with the Transform tool. Then use the boolean Subtract tool to subtract the screw from the other solid.

Hope this helps!

This is a good suggestion but if you are going to make these parts, it would be a good idea to scale the screw slightly up. So that there would be some clearance when you subtract.

There are many screw thread standards and you can find these online.



Can you let me know where that tutorial is?

Hello Pete, we currently have a thread tutorial as part of a bigger webinar. Here is the link: Threading starts around 40:00 minutes, it’s a bit out dated video, but gives a great overview of the process. Hope it helps