iPad - Adaptive UI, the key to quick, streamlined modeling

Hi Shapr3D users!

The convenience and clarity of Shapr3D has made the CAD app a first-rate, on-the-go workstation. As of today, though, Shapr3D is also your mind-reading sidekick who knows what you want to do—thanks to a brand-new modeling interface that we’ve dubbed adaptive UI.

This new interface is subtle, yet powerful. Whenever you select any part of your 3D design, the app will instantly adjust the modeling menu to show you the tools and functions that you can use for that selection. This dynamic interface boosts your efficiency and speed by up to 20%, making mobile-first modeling even more easy to learn and use.

It’s smart.
Shapr3D immediately reacts to your actions in the background: The app takes whatever you’ve selected—faces, bodies, edges, sketch fillings, hidden items, construction axes and planes, etc.—and auto-suggests tools and transformations that you can use with them. From the custom menu, you can:

  • Deselect all
  • Instantly transform items
  • Directly adjust parameters
  • Jump to the Sketch mode
  • Dive into multi-step tools
    When you tap an empty space to deselect, the custom menu automatically reverts back to the default menu.

It’s fluid.
At any given moment in your design process, you’ll only see exactly what you need to. The predictive menu puts the right tools and functions at the tip of your Apple Pencil. You don’t need to scan the screen with your eyes and tap around for the right tool, let alone tap some more to use that tool. The precious seconds you spend searching for ways to translate, extrude, revolve, or loft can quickly turn into minutes or even hours. The less time you spend on pinpointing a specific function, the more time you’ve got to get work done.

It’s intuitive.
If you’re new to Shapr3D, the best way to pick up 3D modeling is by doing: just design away with your Apple Pencil. The adaptive interface will be your ultimate guide, showing you all the features and tools you can use to transform a simple 2D sketch into a complex 3D model. Once you get into the habit of checking out the dynamic menu, you’ll quickly recognize which tools you can use in different scenarios. That’s when modeling with Shapr3D will become second nature to you.

It’s here.
See for yourself. Download the latest version of Shapr3D today, and bring sketching and modeling to a whole new level with this adaptive UI.


And a personal note… When @Zoli and I was working on the initial Pencil & touch based early versions of Shapr3D in 2015-2016, we envisioned something like this - but we didn’t really know how to do it right. So now that it works (and works like a charm!) it kind of feels like a dream coming true for us. I hope you will like it too.


Hi @Miharu_Shapr3D Welcome to the Forum
Thank you for the the splendid intro to this raft of new features.
It is certainly going to keep my grey matter busy for some time.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Many thanks to you and the S3D Team, really great to hear the job satisfaction that this massive effort has generated. I love what has been experienced with brief use and very much looking forward to a whole host of fun.
Keep up the great work guys and gals :+1: :+1: :+1:


Awsome job @Istvan and the rest of the team.
I love it.

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Confirm, I do like it :+1: The feeling is to be “closer” to the work at hand, less distracted, and this works also nicely together with the new font and a general feeling of “slenderness”. Great job, without disrupting anything that was likeable before… not easy to accomplish.