Ipad OS App Crashed

I have a brand new Ipad Pro with M1 chip.
I have been working sucessfuly with your app and i have already managed quite a lot of designs.
This last design i tried was a bit more elaborate but everything was going smothtly and managed to finish it and save it in STL format for 3D printing.
But now everytime i open this design it starts to load the design and all of the sudden it just closes the app. I have already submitted the design in the bug report but now i am stuck.
All of the other design i can load and change what i wont and do not close the app.
Any help is apreciated.

Hi, Can you please contact us at support@shapr3d.com? We are happy to help with this case.
Please do not forget to tell us the version of Shapr3D you are using too.

I have already sent an email.