iPad screen protector

This is the question for those who using iPad for modeling in Shapr3D.

Do you use any screen protector and if so does it make use of pencil for modeling less comfortable?

Gotta use one, I fear a grain of sand cought between the stylus and screen would be devastating.
I use a matte screen protector, like paperlike or morbrik. The paper feel last about 2 weeks with moderately heavy use. Even after the paper-ish feel is gone it still feels better than a glass one, as fingers can slide effortlessly without drag and there’s some resistance with a stylus.

Paperlike is ‘name brand’ and I don’t see it being any better than the cheaper ones, but it’s worth a try if you’ve never had one.
Stylus tip wear is a complete myth IMO/allegedly

Oh your question, I feel like it enhances the experience and I dislike glass protector’s

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Definitely agree with Michael. Been using the same Paperlike screen protector for a few years now, and although the paper-ish feel is long gone, it still has just enough matte finish to cut down on glare and visible fingerprints. Also, I agree that “tip wear” is minimal to non-existent.

IMHO, the small amount of added friction actually makes it easier to accurately select a single point or line when the display is cluttered. Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I feel as if I have better “control”.

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Paperlike, yes! Or equivalent. Tough I have not tested Paperlikes last version, as its only for newer iPads.

Much better control (and no fear scratching when handling the iPad. Not to mention the absents of glare).

Using a iPad without now feels like I have adhesive on my finger or pen… can’t stand it.

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Thanks for all. Will try to find one on Monday. Yesterday just bought an iPad Pro 12.9.

I have used a clear screen protector and the ‘paper like feel’ protector as well. All good for me. Currently I have no protector on my iPad Pro and it is fine for me as well. I’m not worried about scratches or anything as my tablet is pretty much safe from the elements. I use a damp towel to clean the screen from time to time.

BTW, my latest Testflight update is the history based version. Guess it’s time for me to get on board with the rest of you. I may have questions for you.


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Anytime :slight_smile:

Yes, my iPad Pro 12.9 has a paperlike screen protector on for almost two years now and so far had no need for a change. I have to admit I use my MacBook far more frequently for modeling but I would still call the iPad a daily.

I tried modeling on the iPad without a screen protector prior and even since I tried the paperlike I feel I have a much better control of the Apple Pencil and am overall a bit faster in the process. Never have measured this claim in any scientific way though…

I have a screen protector, although not a Paperlike. Mine is just a €20 one but it works fine. The big advantage I found is that it stops the Apple Pencil sliding all over the screen like a drunk on a skating rink.

I’ve put screen protector from Spigen not very cheep one. Will see how it will show itself.

I put a tempered matte glass protector on mine. I had the Paperlike previously but it was a bit too rough for me and didn’t offer the protection that a glass one does.

Ksleri on Amazon is the one I use now. Perfect amount of resistence when drawing/writing with pencil and it comes in a two pack! It saved my screen on a nasty drop too!

What do you think about hydrogel if you heard about it. Here in Ukraine it become popular recently and it can be installed on iPad too.