Ipad slow

Hi again,
I have an iPad Pro 12.9" 512GB Storage. 2nd generation. When I am working on imported stl files. I imported 4 or 5 different parts. Trying to put them together to see if it will work on my 3D printer before printing said parts. Rotating around parts is slow. Feels like the screen is sticky. I know that I scrolled with my finger and then the display, graphics updated about 2 seconds latter. I surmise that it is tasking the cpu. Also my iPad is fairly warm. Is there anyway to tweek the software? That would be great. I tuned off and then back on and tried it without any other apps running. And that helps for a while. It’s only a little slow.


I forgot to mention I am running the latest Beta software.

I see - first of all, the live version already contains the booleans for STLs - its better to use the live version once it out.

secondly: the workspace would help, we will try to spot opportunities for improvement. (please send it to support@shapr3d.com)