Is is possible to move one design board on to another board?

Hi, I have a building design on one board and I have a separate city design on another board, Is there an easy way to drop my building on the city on the iPad?


The easiest way for now is to export the building in .shapr or .x_t format, save it to the iPad or iCloud, and import it to the city design.


I wonder if their are any plans for the future releases to add a copy selected model/s and go to your other working project and paste it. Using the export and import function works but it seems more workaround to get to the file, specially if you are naming the files and then importing where you just might want to see how it will look as a preview rather than bringing in the model to work on.

Indeed the current “solution” is a workaround. However we don’t have a timeline or release date set for this feature, it’s not under development yet. But it’s not forgotten, we just have to prioritise our resources, and it’ not on the top of the list. It’s on it though, so at some point, we will reach it. :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear. Indeed I see it more of a “its useful” rather than “its needed” since you can bring in your work thru different methods.