Is mesh and screw objects ok for everyone? Not for me!

Whenever my drawing has screws objects, the calibration time between actions can range from a few seconds to minutes… mesh objects which I created through sheet punching and copying are even worse, the app sometimes even close itself when it encounters mesh objects. Are these happening to a lot of people as well? I am working on a iPad Air (3rd gen). MUUJ2ZP/A. Would any of the higher iPad models help?

Hi Lorence,
I read your post several times, but it seems that my imagination fails to understand, or there maybe is a language-barrier somewhere between us.
What do you mean by “screws-objects”? A sweep along a helix?
With mesh-Objects you mean imported geometry, for instance via a .stl-file, right?
On my iPad Pro 12.9 Gen5 even a relatively complex .stl-File like this Dragon from Thingiverse (ARTICULATED Flame Dragon Remix by CommanderCoots - Thingiverse) imports totally fine (took about 10 Seconds) and is performant to manipulate (slice it, move the pieces around, etc.).

That being said, I cant help you without further information. The cause of your issues may be:

  • corrupted files/data (if the geometry the system tries to build according to the data is invalid - happens often with 3d-scanned data or exported data from foreign CAD-systems - especially when they relate to a different kernel)
  • Your hardware being to weak for the complexity of the model

But after all hard to tell without seeing geometries. An Upgrade in hardware may or may not help - I guess no-one here wants to be held responsible if it does not! :wink:
Maybe you can paste a picture of the geometry? If you upload a file, I may test if causes Shapr3D to crash on my iPad too.
So far: stay safe!
Cheers Matt


For me there is one and only free open source mesh manipulation/troubleshooting program called MeshLab ( Not so modern user interface that needs some time to learn but it solved for me every issue with any mesh.

There is also java script online tool from them at and there are nice tutorials on YT.