Is the Shapr3d Subscription only available in USA?

I was wondering if the Pro version of Shapr3D is only available in America or its available worldwide?

It is available worldwide.

Did you have any problems with the purchase?

i have the sape problem. cant buy subscription for 1 yr from russian app store. any ideas what’s wrong?

Hi leokosik,
unfortunately the purchase flow is controlled entirely by Apple.
Another Shapr user managed to solve this problem by contacting Apple support: the reason why his purchases didn’t go through was because he just bought a brand new iPad Pro but had another iPad for years and when he activated the Pro and restored his previously purchased apps, there were “too many things happening at the same time” and Apple’s security system blocked his account from buying new stuff.

Pretty crazy but that’s how things work, please try contacting Apple as well!
Let us know how things turn out!