Issue with part being auto-filled

I got a part which I created in Shapr3D (3.03)


When I now preview this part or in MakerBot Studio it has been filled the space in the middle of it


What can I do to avoid that?!


Hi - interesting.

What were your settings in the STL export screen
and did you have hidden bodies that you included in your file?

Also would you be able to share the .shapr file:

Export settings I tested:

Resolution: Medium/high
Include hidden groups: no
Save each group…: no/yes

Result always looks the same. I had the same part in shapr3D 2.X. Here the file looked ok

Will email the file in a bit.

Hi Tobias,

I have sent you an email as well. the problem was that you have a 2. Group that is active. Make it invisible by tapping on the eye and the print should be okay.