Empty STL space

Hi. I have a problem with Stl files. In fact, this is already visible at the level of creation in shapr. The interior of the object is empty. The 3D printer program shows the same thing. where am I going wrong?


According to the screenshot, the mesh file has some issues and it is an open mesh.

Did you make it in Shapr3D or is it an imported one?


the entire project was created in Shapr. then converted to STL. the preview is made on Chitu Box (cutting layers for printing) and it was only here that I noticed that the file had free space inside. I checked it in Shapr and when you start zooming in, you go through the layer to the inside and there is also a void there… unfortunately I didn’t find any way to fill the inner space.
the screenshot shows the interior of the project from the inside (this space should be full)

Hello Microworld,
If we understand you correctly.
In Shapr3D you might be looking from the inside of the object, where the space is not full.
See example of looking at the inside of the object.

You can move the camera inside the parts where they will be shown hollow, but that does not mean they are open.

Recently we had a similar case at support and it turned out that the components of the tire were not unioned before exporting and the slicer could not show a single valid geometry of the model. Applying the Union tool before exporting the parts solved the issue.