Issue with size of objects when importing .stp file

Hi there I have always worked in AutoCAD and really enjoyed the transition to using shapr3D. I decided to figure out a way to take my .dwg files from AutoCAD and use them on shapr, since I can’t import any .dwg files with 3D data in them. I managed to get the trial for AutoCAD mechanical which allows you to export as .stp files to use between other apps which was perfect since all .stl files just show up as mesh blobs that crash the app when trying to modify them. (I might make a topic about this if I can’t figure a fix)

Unfortunately when I imported these stp files into shapr they grew massively, maybe 10x the size. I can try to scale it down but I was just hoping I was doing something wrong that I can fix in the future. Thank you!

Hi! Can you please check the units of the AutoCAD workspace from under Format - Units?

If the AutoCAD workspace has the same units, please upload the STEP file, we are happy to take a look at it :slight_smile:

/ From what I can tell it should be the same, I built it using mm and everything is sized as exact measurements, it won’t let me upload from my iPad but this should lead to it Google Drive: Sign-in

Every stp file needs to be scaled down to about %3 but not all objects will even scale down that much like it’s legs, thank you for taking a look

I see the issue now! Bringing them into AutoCAD mechanical forced them into its standard imperial scale, I feel silly for not being able to find that anywhere.

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