Issues with measurements

Having problems since update, when I take a circle now drawing on a object I can no longer click on a spline to make a circle 10mm from each corner, giving me measurements.

Trying to do simple things seems very complicated now… lol

Not sure I understand, can you post an image or a video?

Sorry I have only been using the program a few weeks and had just figured it out for most part before update.

When drawing a circle as shown I click on center and usually drag to edges of a block to give a exact distance so they are equally centered above.

this no longer works, it shows the visual that I am clicking on the edges, but no dotted line showing a distance.

With constraints this workflow has changed and improved a lot. Select the center of the circle, and select the edge. Then you can set the value. Constraints are amazingly powerful, check out our brand new tutorials:

Excellent , thank you so much!!!