Issues with UV's from shapr .obj in Adobe dimensions

Ive been building shapr3d models for grocery packaging andkeep getting strange uv artifacts when I place graphics on the .obj models. In dimensions I generate new uvs but they come out messy.This is a simple carton with a window. How can I avois this happening? Or fix it after the fact?

I generally convert the obj’s to polygon meshes before doing UV maps.

Do you know of any .obj converters that can handle 600mb files so i can actually use purchased models in shapr?

Ok, how would I do that? Im very new to 3d design. Im using shapr 3d to create the models and Substance dimensions and stager to add materials, decals and render them out. Would appreciate your guidance.

Nomad Sculpt or ZBrush can tackle the large file size OBJ’s from Sharp3D. I prefer ZBrush as it’s less clunky than Nomad, but Nomad is cheaper to buy.

Thx I really appreciate the help well I be able to possibly use it to convert to eat that step file by chance? And I could upload to Shapr3D Because the way Shapr3D functions is my personal preference which is why I picked it over a lot of other options that were enterprise in industry grade.