Keep relative distance

Hi everyone.
Is there any way to keep the relative distance between points, lines, shapes if the overall distance changes?

I am making a fretboard for a guitar but would like to be able to reuse it if I make one of a different scale length. the added difficulty is that the distance between these frets is not the same ( the distance between 2 frets gets smaller further up the neck). Relatively, however, that ratio remains.

To be very specific: So I want 25 lines each at a specific distance from each other. If I move the leftmost and rightmost line further or closer together, the intermediate lines also move, but remain in the same ratio to each other.

Currently you can only set absolute distances between sketches and bodies.

However you can enter ratios of distances to the numpad, so you don’t have to do the math outside the app, I hope it helps.

(And let’s not get into compensated nuts, compensated frets, fanned frets and so on :smiley: :guitar: )

Yeah, I’ve seen that option in the numpad and used it a couple of times. Works perfectly.

But for these frets i just go into a fret calculator, print out the list of dimensions and go on copying manually 24 times… It ain’t that bad.

And fanned frets etc… Nah, just a good old tele to start. Maybe in the future

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