Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

This project was undoubtedly a long time coming, but it was a fun one none the least. After wrapping up one portion of the outdoor kitchen (complete with a refrigerator, two burner stove, a grill, and a sink), the next step was to include some space for storage. After my boss bought the granite, ice chest, and stainless drawers, I knew what I was working with. Shapr3D was a great tool; building this cabinet was my first time using the software from start to finish with a project, and it was a great experience. Right before completing the drawing stage, I used the copy function repeatedly to lay out my cut list. Not only was it satisfying to piece the bodies onto a material template, but I was able to cut down on waste! I hope you enjoy the design!


That’s really nice work. Great to see it from design to real world result.