Laser Cut Articulated Covid Face Shield Project

This is My laser cut face shield I designed. I’ve made some small tweaks in other software, but it’s making a difference. I started off 3d printing shields, but they just take too long. It’s not an efficient mass production method, even with 12 printers. So I spoke with some doctors I know at my local hospital, and they explained how bad the situation was, and also that while they’re extremely thankful for every single piece of PPE donated, some unfortunately just get discarded. I asked them to give me a laundry list of what they would want if they could choose. #1. The 3d printed ones do not fit small heads well, or those with a sloped forehead. They also start to hurt after a while. These people are working up to 36 hour rotations. #2 The face shields have to be clear enough to read through. Unfortunately, a lot of people are using overhead transparencies. These are fine, as long as theyre not the cheap ones that blur your vision. They’re getting a lot of them. #3 It would be amazing if they could be cleaned and re-used. So I went to the drawing board, and designed an articulated headset that assembles in less than 20 seconds. This design fits every head size and geometry, and was designed especially to avoid the “pressure points” that the 3d printed styles tend to hit. This eliminates sore temples, and headaches due to a tight, thin plastic piece digging into your head. I made them so they can acommodate any face shield material, as long as you use a 3 hole punch to put the holes. This allows you to use transparencies, Inkjet print film, mylar, acetate, PETG, and PET sheets. They are easily removable, and can be changed while wearing gloves. These can be chemically, or heat sterilized. Best of all, I got the cost down to about .38 cents a shield, and I can get 160 out of a 4 x 8 sheet of acrylic. I can personally assemble 500 in about 6 hours. I’ve made over 4000 of them so far. I have the batch In the photos I posted ready to go to Queens new York City in the morning. This batch will be almost 600 shields. In NYC, they are screwed! They have not had new masks in weeks, they have almost no shields, and many of the nurses are either passing their old dirty mask to a nurse who’s just going on shift, as they leave, or they use a bandana, or even a sock over their mouth. This is sad! I know several of the nurses personally, so I’m taking this very personally. Please! If you have a laser cutter, knock as many of these out as you can! I know everyone wants to 3d print, and they’re all proud of their designs and stuff, but this is not about us. It’s about making as many in a day as we can, and getting them to the hospital like Yesterday! The thingiverse file is here… if you have any problems opening it, I’m happy to help. Even 2 shields will help! That’s two less nurses working with no PPE. I have direct contacts in Detroit, New York and Atlanta. I can tell you exactly who to send them to to get them on a nurse’s face immediately! Thanks all!


Thank you @SteveLynch for the fantastic effort you have made. I hope more of your Countrymen and women step up to the plate.
I wish I could do something similar here in the UK, but can only ask for anyone in the UK to follow Steve’s splendid example.

Aw cut it out! I’m in my nice safe workshop. The nurses get all the credit. I’m hoping I don’t get sick, but If I do, I like to think this is my way of making sure they’ll be healthy enough to do so! lol

Bravo, nonetheless for your efforts.