Lasso function, Please

This function was discussed at least a year or two ago. A Lasso type function where I can circle a set of objects to select them easily and quickly. I have been trying to select multiple objects by organizing said objects in layers/folders and selecting said folder as a group. After trying this for a long while now, still this is not a very easy and quick operation. The Lasso function is still a better option.


I would like to have this option as well. Much easier and quicker than organizing things in groups.

Area selection is being beta tested at the moment, coming very soon.


Certainly hoping so. You mentioned that it would be a couple weeks…back in April 2019 :frowning:

It’s live on mac and coming to iOS in a week. At the moment it works only with mouse, Pencil support is coming soon.


This is exciting and a bit frustrating. Please don’t make the iPad only users second-class users.


We are keeping the iPad and mac versions feature par.


@realdrogo: Different input devices require slightly different implementation. It was probably easier to do the Mac version first and get the dynamics of the lasso figured out before adapting the input device handling to the iPad and Pencil.


Yep - that is correct, we have already started the Pencil area select testing :slight_smile: If anyone wants to participate, let me know ( We will do the next round of testing in the upcoming few weeks.

Please add me to the beta testing for the the pencil lasso.



Hi all,

How do I use the “Laso/area” feature. I tried to just circle the area with my Pencil. But that does not seem to work. That is the way it works in Umake and is very easy to use.

Thank You

Hello - here is a short article on how:

In short, tap where you would like to start your selection, wait a little and once the blue/purple circle appears start to drag your Pencil to make an area select.

The above article lists how you can:

  • use selection filters
  • change between include / crossing selections

One thing, what if I want to unselect objects? I know I can just tap on the screen with my Pencil but that would unselect all objects. And double tapping on each object to unselect it is the old way of doing things. So that does not work. I tried the Laso function a few times. It selects the object parts I want but also selects objects I don’t want. Basically, The Laso function is sometimes capturing objects that are in the background.

Yes, fair points. We currently don’t have area deselect, you have to deselect your bodies/refine your selection the old way, with double taps. Also, the area select always selects everything in the background.

We will be improving the tool in the future and this sort of feedback helps us in making the right decisions - thanks :raised_hands:

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