Line dimensions no longer centered on line

The latest “snap to” and guidelines update has defaulted line measurements so far away from selected lines that I have to scroll way out to see them. To make matters worse there seems to be no way to make all the line measurements conform to the old default, horizontal display, which placed the dimension on the line itself. Instead, each line has to manually be changed to the horizontal format. Please correct this as it is extremely frustrating.

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Thank you for the report, measurements can indeed be far away when you’re zoomed in / not working with meters. Sorry about that, a fix is coming asap.

Can you elaborate on the second half of your question? I don’t quite understand it, the functionality hasn’t changed.

When selecting a line measurement there are three options available. Absolute, horizontal and vertical. Selecting horizontal puts the dimension atop the line, whereas absolute (the default) puts the dimension many inches away from the selection. I am working in a small scale, usually .5” grid, I am having to pan way out to make adjustments to the dimension. This gets quite tedious. There needs to be a way to make all the lines display the same way, in my case, horizontal.

There is a bug with the absolute measurement display in 3.4.1 which has been fixed and is being uploaded to the app store as we speak.

The 3 options are not about the display of the measurement, rather they set the type of distance constraint between the two points (in this case the endpoints of the line). So horizontal means that they only need to maintain the exact distance from each other in the horizontal direction, they are freely movable vertically.

Thanks. As it is, I cannot work with Shapr3D until this is fixed.

Have exactly e same issue. It is essentially unusable with the dimensions 2+ screen scroll swipes away. Help!

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Fix has been already submitted to the app store, waiting for review.

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In review :slight_smile:

Sorry I did not see a update and still have the issue

Yes, as I mentioned, it is in review. It has not passed the App Store review yet. Usually it takes a few hours to complete the App Store review.

Now it’s live.

Just curious if Beta versions keep in sync with latest normal releases?



Not necessarily.