Literally not a clue

Edge seems to somehow be “detached”, don’t know why or when this occurred.

Any advice on what’s going on here would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Hello Lucas1,

Yes have seen this as well. Try going on the inside and look outwards, see if the "splits"are still showing up.

I don’t find it to be a problem as it doesn’t surface on “print”.

Can you upload a couple more pics zoomed out so we can see the entire surface(s)?
In some cases, Replace Face can work.

The highlighted edge is the one causing issues, I really wish there was away to “stitch” two edges together like in Maya, that way issues like this could be fixed easily, ah well.

I did try the replace face tool, thanks for the suggestion though it didn’t work.

In the past I had a similar error with the loft tool on the rounded edges.
The S3D guys told me, it was a tessellation error.
If it is really the error described previously, it does not cause a problem.
For sure, ask for a support ticket.