Loading project too long; cannot delete some lines

Result of these bugs - cannot work in the app anymore, too slow and constant loading icon appearing

Can you send the workspace to support@shapr3d.com?

Hi, so I kinda figured out what’s going on. When I went to the sketches tab, there was a sketch that listed over 10000 units, but in reality I never drew that much. I tried to delete it, but from that point, the app just crashed. It continues to circle the loading button, and nothing happens. I will try a couple more times , and eventually if I don’t solve the problem I will send you the project…

Yyyeah, so I just realised that I am unable to export my workspace, bcs I am not a pro user.

The skethes are multiplying everytime I start the app. Now it’s like 17000. And it keeps crashing , so that sucks.

You can export it if you plug it in to your computer, and download the Shapr3D directory using iTunes. It would be really helpful if you could do that.

Also, can you write an email to support@shapr3d.com, we would give you temporarily pro subscription so you could export it.

I have sent the files to e-mail support

Thanks a lot, we will look into it.