Loading time for Pattern to be deleted

Hello, I am new to this program.
I am facing an issue regarding pattern deletion as I tried to fill an entire wall with this pattern attached before extruding them to form a grill texture. However it is not to my liking and I would like to delete it. This is where the issue comes in which is the loading time taking too long to process. Everything I tried regarding the pattern such as deleting the pattern constrain, deleting the sketch panel or even trimming it results in the loading process taking a very long time. I have left it to run overnight thinking that it maybe my CPU’s processing speed but still it does not load. Any help will be greatly appreciated as long as I can delete this pattern from my project.

I created x8 by right and x90 downwards of this pattern if this information is required.


Could you create a support ticket, attach the design, and let us know the device and app versions here?


Hi, I have attached the design as requested. It is named as Sketch 37 and is hidden. Thank you!

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