Loft Between Sketches with Multiple Parts?

I want to loft between 2 circles of different sizes, creating a cone. (Simple right)…however… one of the circles has a line running through it. The circle is on a sketch plane with another shape as well, so it takes 2 clicks or presses of the Apple pen to select the circle shape.

See the picture below.

The loft tool gets confused and throws an error about the resulting shape - I am just making a cone, nothing overly complex; the real problem is: one of the starting circles for the Loft, requires two presses to be selected, and it seems the tool can’t support that.



Here is a workaround:

You can move the problematic line crossing the circle, create the loft, then move the line back to it’s original position.

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Thank you for this!!

We will look into the problem itself. :slight_smile: