Loft error messages

Please could I have some assistance on understanding what these error messages mean. Sometimes I get lofting to work really well and other times not. That is using the guide lines or in other cases not. To complete this nose cone that I am wanting to do, I do realise that I will need more cross section profiles especially near the tip. However if you can help me to find a way to create the extreme rounded tip part that would also be very useful.
See the two screen shots I took of the different error messages I get.

From A - B, I think you might need to remove that line in the middle of the sketch so you select the whole sketch, instead of selecting each half.

You need more crossection for the rounded nose, see my previus post in the past, about fuselage front end.
But at the end will a little flat surface, and need some chamfer.
The guidelines must be use section to section.

Hello! Make sure the guides intersect with the cross-section curves. It is also preferred to make the guides a single curve element, however, they cannot go around the cross-sections like in the first picture.
@SM1 was correct, please remove the line that cuts the cross-section into two halves.

Thank you for the input, I am looking at this and will report back once I have tried a few things

Hi Peter

I am still struggling here is another different but similar example. I want to create a finger nail type shape, I hope that the picture shows you what I am wanting to achieve. As you can see to me it looks as all three areas are CLOSED as they are dark in colour, and each can extrude, but how do I develop this segment because once I have that shape I can mirror it either way.

Loft the bottom and the side profile, then select the curve as a guide:

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Thank you for this SM1, I created a new approximate drawing and it worked as you said, I will now try on my actual shape that I need.

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