Loft problem.,

I’m trying to loft a sketch of 5 complex curves with different slopes but for some reason I keep getting a message saying “all profiles should be positioned in a way the lofted body won’t self intersect” or “This selection can’t be named”. What’s the problem?


Hi there,
Could you please attach the workspace so we can investigate it.
Or if you would like to keep the workspace private you can open a support ticket and attach the workspace there.

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I’m really sorry to ask this question, but do I just need to attach a picture of workspace? Or should I export the shapr file and attach it?

Please export the shapr file and attach it

Colossus.shapr (1.3 MB)

The loft tool is working correctly for me.
However I do see that your sketches generate 2 sketch fillings on the same plane.
If you would like to include the entire area in the loft you will need to tidy up your sketches first (you can’t loft sketch fillings that are on the same plane)
I hope this helps

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Thanks for help! My problem has solved now. It was very helpful!

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Is that a protoss colossus in the making? :smiley:

Yeah, I wanted something cool and challenging.