Lofted round shape. Translate, Project or what

Hi guys!
I’ve been trying to figure this one out by myself for a few days now… Watching Shapr3D “webinars during the evening, getting inspired and trying to solve my issue… But I haven’t really got to a proper solution yet.

I’ve got this table with cast iron legs. Those legs are scratching the floor… So I figured I could create a 3D printed foot to fit the legs. No problem there.
The actual foot isn’t really symmetric. So I traced the shape using the spline tool and got a pretty good result. Done!
But then I found out that the legs of the table are in an angle. They are “lofted” if that makes sense. ( see the picture of the side view of the actual foot)

So I’ve got the shape, the outline but I need to extrude that outline, get the right angle etc etc etc.

What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks! I appreciate it.

There are 1000 possibilities.
Here I have drawn a possibility just for you:

My man! Yes a 1000 possibilities… I got a bit lost I guess. Thanks a ton. I’ll give this a try.

Here’s another way.

However, this changes the cross-section

You guys are PRO’s!

Outline the bottom of the cast iron foot. That outline is correct when skewed.

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Hi guys! Thanks a lot for you suggestions. I’ve most definitely been over thinking this issue… The solutions was a lot easier than I expected… :slight_smile: I must say admit that I don’t see the difference between your solutions. The outcome is that same right? Or? @Pascal what do you mean by “this changes the cross section” ? Just so I understand. Thanks guys!

The cross-section is distorted with Mike’s example.
Here you can see it correctly, a circle becomes an ellipse:

However, if you put your foot on a piece of paper and have traced the lower edge, then Mike’s example fits again. :wink:

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YES! Got ya! That makes perfect sense. I learn so much.:slight_smile: Thanks again. The design will go to the printers tomorrow.