Lofting cross sections that share an edge

Lofting is disabled for the cross sections in the ave image. What are the alternatives?

Loft works provided each sketched arc have their own edge. The edges can be located so that they overlap each other- occupying the same space.


Thank you for testing! Went back and rebuilt my curves from scratch, just in case… still refused to give me the loft tool as an option (I’m on iPad, if it helps) spaced the profiles in z slightly, and sure enough it works. Am using a fitted spline if it makes a difference, slightly scaled down with every copy.,

Tried a different approach, creating the cross sections, then providing 2 guide curves so it lofts to a point. Also wouldn’t work. Have successfully used this approach in many other packages, assumed it would be standard… maybe a more advanced request, but a “macro” that would throw in a plane and make a curve out of the intersected ribs would have cut the tedium down :slight_smile:

You cannot loft to a point. You’ll need to loft the ends separately.

Awesome video as ever… worth a lengthy explanation! And a great solve.
Just curious what is the limitation of lofting to a point? Is it generating an invalid solid? I recall rhino being able to birail loft to a point, is it because it deals with surfaces?

I’ll try again when am on my mac. For whatever reason, its not giving me the loft tool, if i pick 2 shapes with coinciding edges. But your video is the proof its doable, thanks again!

Just for posterity. it was user error.
Expected to select all the profiles ahead of time and hit loft (shouldn’t that work, btw?).

Instead, looking closer at the video by TigerMike… you enter the tool first. then select profiles once the loft tool is active.

it’s the little things. Thanks again!