Login without wifi

Is there a way to login without using a browser? What happens if there is no wifi? For instance trying to work while flying.


Currently it’s not possible to log in without network, however if you are logged in, you can use the app while being offline. So if you plan on travelling / flying, just log in beforehand, and you can continue working.

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OK, thank you for the quick reply. I though maybe I was missing something.

Can I suggest an ‘airplane mode’ where you can sign in for 24 hours or so? It would be helpful for frequent travelers to not get stuck in the air or at an airport without wifi.

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Hi - can you please describe the scenario that you have in mind where you see that Shapr3D cannot be used properly in an offline setting?

I was in Holland and Germany on holidays for two weeks and Shapr3D worked fine on my iPad even though it had no internet access for all that time.

(Windows version). If I am in an airplane without wifi and open the program there is no way to start working. Seems to require a browser login. This may be different on the iPad.