Loop edge Selection tool (similar to how offset works) for faster chamfers and rounds

Vectors that are imported in to Shapr3D can have a lot of control points pending oh how they were made and what software they were exported from. This results in a lot of edges when they are extruded, and a lot of edges that need to be selected when attempting to apply a chamfer or a round to the model.

The problem that this feature will solve:

A sample image of what I am referring to is listed below, as your can see, there are a lot of edges that require selecting in order to complete s chamfer around the perimeter of this model (and a lot of swear worlds involved if i miss click half way through).

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

From posts that I have seen in Facebook groups, I know I am not alone when it comes to the desire for a feature such as this. As it would drastically reduce the time it would take to apply chamfers and rounds complex models. This would result in increased productivity due to less time takes to perform the one task, as well as a more present experience using this software.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Technically, the end result is still achievable with the current features, but there is a massive time cost involved in achieving this outcome.

Personally, I do have a workaround that I currently use in order to reduce the number of lines being produced, and that is to use a $3,000+ CAD/CAM program that will allow me to export a DXF file with circular arc control points that Shapr3D will import with less control points and therefore less edges for me to select. However, this is not a workaround that is available to everyone. And the selection of all the edges is still labour intensive, just not quite as intensive as the attached image. But I feel that an un-doctored import of a vector file is a better representation of what others experience.

I have been using Shapr3D for over 12 months now. I have seen the program grow over this time and come out with some brilliant improvements that have allowed me to work smarter and more efficiently. I personally feel that this would be another one of those improvements.

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Hi there,
Thanks for highlighting this case.

Chain selection of edges is enabled in Shapr3D if the segments are tangent (G1) or curvature (G2) continuous. According to your description, the segments may not have tangent continuity along the neighboring edges. This could be caused by the following two reasons:

  • The imported spline segments are misaligned
  • The imported sketch is a polyline (a set of straight segments)

Can you please share which tool the sketches were created in?