Unable to rotate sketches

I am in able to rotate simple sketches. Says there is an issue with solving constraints.

If you have a sketch element that is locked or set to Horizontal/Vertical, that can prevent rotating as moving the elements would interfere with the applied constraints.

Can you share the design or a screenshot where the constraints can be seen?

How do I turn off those constraints so that I can rotate? I’m trying to copy and nest the parts so that I can cut them out on the plasma cnc.
Is there a video or thread where I can learn all about the constraints options and capabilities? That is where I have the least understanding with this software, and would like to learn as much as I can.

You can select the constraint badges and delete them, but if you make copies using the Move/Rotate tool in the sketch toolbar, constraints will allow you to do so.

We’ve collected a lot about constraints in our manual, please check it if you have some time: