MacOS beta version and M1 mac

I’m considering buying a mac M1 mini is anyone had tried it with the shapr3d macOS version?
How does it works with rosetta2?
Is there a plan for a native app for M1 processor ?
Any insight will be aprieciate

Hi @Jee,

Shapr3D for mac is native on M1 :slight_smile: the performance is amazing. We are able to load massive models super fast and edit them. I can only recommend the M1 macs for Shapr3D.


Hi Jee!

I’m using both Intel and M1 macs for testing, I can tell you, the Mac Mini with the M1 leaves the MBP with i9 behind in every case. :slight_smile:

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sounds promising can you tell me more about your set up please.
which kind of screen HDMI? Thunderbolt 3? are you using multi-display? if so how did you set it up?

I’m using the HDMI, as the displays Thunderbolt is taken by the MBP, so it’s a single display setup (LG 27UL850).

Be aware of the display limitation, as you can only have 1 display connected through thunderbolt, and one on HDMI, the M1 can’t handle 2 on Thunderbolt.

Also, since the memory capacity cannot be upgraded (memory is also integrated to the SOC), personally I would always go for the 16 gigs model. The amount of memory will define how big of a model you can handle in Shapr3d.

There are rumours about the new iMac (and MBP 16") also coming soon, with an even stronger M1 variant (many calls it M1X), so if you aren’t in a hurry, it might worth the wait.

Thanks Laci.
it is always the same story, should i wait for the next one, I 've been waiting 8 years now but i’m actually still on osX 10.14 and I can’t test the desktop version, The only hurry I have is to test the app :rofl:

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Well if you are on an 8 year old system, the M1 mac will be a huge upgrade, and performance is already great there anyway, so go for it :slight_smile: The pricing is also very good considering the performance. Just go for the 16 gigs model if you can afford.

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