Shapr3D doesn't use much of my CPU

Everything is in the tittle. My Mac Pro eats whatever it wants for breakfast, but when it comes to Shapr3D, the software doesn’t use much of its power and runs poorly.

I was planning to pay for the software as I feel comfortable now, but the slow down on performance just make me want to flee. Is the free version locked on one core only?

(Version 5.590.0 (6756), on Monterey 12.7.1, with 32GB of RAM).

Just a guess, but it may have something to do with Rosetta (you said Mac Pro, so I assume it is Intel).

Both the paid and free versions run great on my M1 Macbook Pro. And, as far as I can tell, at the same speed.

Unfortunately this is true. Shapr3D not utilising all available resources. I’ve seen that a lot of times, Shapr3D struggling to calculate something and in the same time my CPU is loaded only on 15% and a lot of free memory present.

Rosetta 2 doesn’t run on Intel Macs. Rosetta 1 did, but it was for running PowerPC apps on the first Intel Macs. Rosetta 2 is for running Intel apps on M-series processors.

The more threads that are employed, the more complex the application becomes because you have to schedule when the threads start and finish, not to mention locking and unlocking shared resources. The best approach is to get everything working with a minimum of threads and then optimize performance later by further multithreading each operation.

I’m a software developer with 30+ year experience. Believe me I know how software are written :slight_smile:

I “only” have 29 years of software development experience.:slightly_smiling_face: I’m retired now, so I don’t have to deal with the politics anymore.


Sorry, brain fart. I knew that but wasn’t paying attention. I was busy explaining to my wife that I do not pay more attention to my computers than I do to her :innocent:

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Steve, you have wisdom and cunning! You really were paying attention, but needed to give your wife evidence to the contrary. Simply brilliant!

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