macOS Initial Feedback

Hi @rpeterson!

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue on a very similar mac:

But it didn’t happen for me. Maybe some settings turned on for trackpad that might block us?

:man_facepalming: , Zoom in and out was turned off on trackpad. Didn’t even think to check there first. Fail.


Gave me a heart attack :smiley:

Sorry about that, I am thinking I must have turned them off because of code editing zoom at some point. Excited to test this out on Mac. Hobby for me - but going to use it to plan out designs for Wine Cellar so should be fun. Thanks for the fast response!

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It works well with my Razer EGPU and Vega64.
(On 2016 MacBook Pro)


The application on MacOS looks really promising! Thank you!

One small thing that blocks me at the moment is the ability to rename bodies. I’m not using any mouse, but trackpad.
I can’t find the way how to do it. Dragging to the left with the left button pressed doesn’t help.


Hi Murad!

Long click on the item, it will bring up a menu with the rename option. So it’s the “long press” from iOS for now, will be changed with the new UI before the release version.

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It would be great if in the future you could add at least the MacOS version:

  1. A set of primitives (to avoid creating the same objects all over again), e.g. ball, cube, cone, cylinder.
  2. as I mostly use the program to create dummy objects for painting later, I really miss the lighting settings (e.g. like Unity, hard lighting).
    Thank you.

Really liking the beta! A few quick recommendations and a bug (I think):

  • Recommendation: It would be great usability improvement if the navigation modifier was command instead of shift. Using your pinky that much creates fatigue much faster than using your thumb. Anyone that suffers from carpal tunnel will understand! Maya uses the command scheme and I can tell you that it makes a world of difference in an all-day app.
  • Recommendation: Related to above, the keyboard shortcuts are good but it would be great if they were user changeable (and you will probably get much less support email!)
  • Bug: on an Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad the enter key does not function. You have to use return instead. For typing in specific dimensions it would really be nice to just hit enter in the numpad.

Great job so far!

Same problem here on my iMac Pro.

I agree.


@Philip @jeffrock

Yep, Numpad Enter not functioning is a bug (oversight) - we will fix this in upcoming releases for sure.


I was excited to try out this software on my Mac, but disappointingly it wont run on my OS. 10.12.6
Is there any plans to extend back to this version of Mac OS?
I’ve deliberately stayed at this rev so my older software will continue to run.

Hello good folks at Shapr3D.

I’ve used Shapr3D on the iPad before but gave the Mac version a go without really remembering anything. This is Version 3.57.0 (726).

These are my “First Impression” notes. I didn’t include the things I like (which is a lot) rather just the things that made me stop as a somewhat beginner user.

I’m a developer myself and obsess over UI details and accessibility so forgive me if I’m too nitpicky or pendantic. Hope this brings up some valid points and helps in some form and I myself expect to learn a lot from your future updates as you improve the experience and maybe tackle some of these points.


  • Object list had a very small scrollable area for me, around 3rd of the available space there. This might be after navigating into a folder and back.

  • I expected double click to be able to rename Objects. It’s a desktop convention, Shapr3D has longpress from the iPad.

  • After renaming focus rectangle stays around the name for a while

  • Even though Undo/Redo works it’s disabled in the menu bar

  • Selecting an object there’s a little icon for “copy move”. It’s too small.

  • If I select multiple objects with Shift, move them together, then hold Shift and try to add to the selection another object, my selection is lost and I start with that one object

  • Little inconsistency in the help: the return and backspace symbols have an alt text (return, backspace), while Shift, CMD does not. I think it would be nice to have them consistently. Lots of people don’t really know the ⌘ symbol.

  • I was rotating around an axis and there was no Done button. Later I realised that I did a full rotation and ended up in the start position. Technically I changed my angle to the same value so the software was right by disabling done but still as a user I was confused. Maybe leave the done there regardless if it’s an idempotent operation.

  • As a user sketch mode feels very close to classic 2D applications so it feels strange not to have all the conveniences Figma and the likes offer.
    Dragging items without double clicking, Alt+Drag to copy, center/left/right/top/bottom alignment of objects.

  • I constantly keep dragging on the background expecting to move the scene around. Same with SHIFT + drag, expecting the scene to rotate, probably comes from previous experiences with some other software. I feel on iPad it’s fine to redefine such interactions but on the desktop it’s a bit more complicated since people have existing muscle memories and a lot of vendors provide very similar conventions. Definitely challenging to solve this.

  • I keep leaving behind sketch objects after I extruded them. Not sure what’s the best way organize them. I’m a bit confused if I should delete them or if they will affect my extrusions afterwards.

  • Imported a PNG image with some transparent parts: selecting it did not have any visible highlight. This is even worse when looking from the side, it’s invisible. The same setup with 2D sketch objects correctly show a blue highlight.

  • It’s really crazy what you have to do to create a sphere. Had to look up a video. I appreciate the educational aspect but seemed too compicated for such a basic shape.

  • In general you have to double tap things: objects, multi-segment lines. However you can select a circle with a single tap. Not sure if this is inconsitent, but though I mention it.

  • Sweep: failed to calculate geometry. No more information given. I got it working by trial and error but it would be nice to at least give a hint what to try. (I think I had my shape rotated perfectly in plane with my arc)

Mouse hover:

  • It would be nice to have Alt text for icons, buttons etc.
  • I would really love to see edges/faces highlighted as I hover over them with the mouse so I know what I’m going to select. I know iPads don’t have hover but on desktop it would help as a visual aid. Used to great effect in other software.


  • When I zoom out and some objects are really small it became a bit cumbersome to double click for object selection. Edges were really indistinguishable at this zoom level it would boost productivity to be able to easily select objects instead off fiddling with double click.

  • Holding shift on the object list selection I was expecting to be able to select a range in the list, again desktop convention from Finder etc. Currently Shift does what is Cmd in Finder, selecting one-by-one.

  • When rotating 2D sketch objects it would be nice to have a dashed guideline when looking from the side to easily see parallel/perpendicular lines/surfaces. Sometime the blue selection line of the object is just too short and it doesn’t really help with alignment.

  • It would be nice to have a visual undo/redo list.

  • After using Figma I really miss Components to create and arrange identical objects.

  • I also really miss Figma’s smart selection feature where you can arrange objects in an uniform grid.

Congrats on the beta, it’s already amazing and keep up the good work.


Hey @rmri

Thanks for your thorough observations, and welcome to the community!
All great feedback, and happy to say that most of it is coming in an update very soon.

One hint you might find helpful on what to do with sketches: as Shapr is not a design history driven CAD app, there is no live connection between sketches and 3D models. Think of sketches as if they were stencils for a graffiti artist: use them to create your models, and unless you plan on creating more of the same, it is safe to dump them.


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Hey guys,

One more remark. Shapr3D uses couple of open source libraries under the hood but there’s no place in the app where the required attributions are displayed. At least I couldn’t find them correct me if I’m wrong.
On iOS, apps usually include it in the app section of the Settings app. I’m not sure there’s anything similar on the Mac so I guess it should be somewhere in the app itself.
It’s generally nice to include it, but there might be a legal angle to it as well.


Which libs that we are using would require us to do this?

Seems like you are using the following:

For MIT licenses Stackoverflow says the following:

MetalAngle seems more explicit:

Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above
copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following
disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided
with the distribution.

Hard to decide if this could be a problem or not, but I guess it’s a nice gesture regardless and covers the legal angle as well.

Thanks for pointing ths out. We will address this.

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