This just in: Shapr3D beta — 3.56 — for macOS

Yes, you heard it right. Our first public beta for Shapr3D for macOS is here!

Our Mac version is cut from the same cloth as our iPad version. You can conceptualize and prototype designs, import and export, and rework models as you always did on the iPad.

This ease of use, efficiency, flexibility, and intuitiveness have always been fundamental to the Shapr3D team, and they’re qualities that make our iPad app first-class. And before 2020 comes to an end, we’re shipping them to your desktop. All you need is a Mac that runs macOS Catalina or Big Sur.

Sign up here to download the beta version and give Shapr3D for macOS a try.

Bring out your imagination and design on your iPad and carry over your models and sketches to the Mac, and vice versa. With an app as versatile as Shapr3D, you can have a truly flexible workflow. Keep designing on the go and at your desk. And if you’d like to share your thoughts about our macOS version, let us know here, in the Shapr3D for macOS - Beta group!