Main Focus of Shapr

What is the intended audience for this tool?

Mechanical engineers and industrial designers. But we have some hobbyists as well.

Artists are going to lose their minds when they see this. It’s the killer app for iPad/pencil/artists.


I agree - really useful app for digital artists. Would be good to have a fairly basic render engine and be able to export an image with a transparent background which could then be imported into a sketching app such as procreate.

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Amazing app! A game changer for sure. I have tried many apps on desktop for spline/cad/nurbs type of modeling, none of them have the intuitiveness you have here. Amazing job on the UI too, really appreciate the app recognizing I’m left handed and asking to reverse the UI ! Crazy good UX design.

As for adding a render engine, I wouldn’t mess with that area. Concentrate on your strengths~ model making. We can always export out to another dedicated renderer.

I would concentrate on modeling philosophies, and I need to spend more time with this, but for instance being able to extend/extrude edges would be nice, maybe some recognition of solids vs. surfaces? If there is I haven’t noticed it yet, but agin I have spent very little time testing yet.



Hi Jim, we are very happy you like Shapr :slightly_smiling:

What do you mean by extend/extruding edges? If you have an edge on the grid you can simply extrude it just like a face. Solids and surface are distinguished from each other, but it is definitely not communicated well yet.

Hi Istvan,
Kind of like the screenshot I posted in another thread. Let’s say you revolve a shape, draw a spline on it, extrude the face, but I deleted the result leaving a hole. I would like to be able to extrude the splines making up the hole. Would also be great to have a close face tool too for these instances. So after extruding the edges I could close that extruded “pipe” on the end.

Please let me know if this isn’t clear.

Not sure if I understand it right, but you would basically want to do the same with those curves like if they were faces? What would be the result of that operation, a single face?

I’m a weekend wood worker and I think Shapr3d will be an amazing design tool for me!

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Great idea to use Shapr in this way - will give a really good visualisation of what it will look like - post a picture of the final thing in wood! Andy

Hi Andy, I actually built these doors a couple of months ago for my daughters wedding. They turned out really great. So much so that the owner of the wedding venue bought them from me. I just downloaded shapr3d yesterday and just recreated the doors to learn shapr3d. Very cool app. Can’t wait to see what comes next!


Great bit of woodwork! Full marks for honesty - you could have said that you just made them! Shapr is going to be really good for these sort of designs - very quick to use and visualise things. Andy

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This is exactly what I intend on using it for. So much easier than Sketchup. They just have to add a way to see all the measurements at the end and then it would be perfect.

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