The chamfer/fillet tool has some issues for a long time

First, when I want to apply fillets to some complex shapes, especially with some curves, it says won’t apply for some unblended issues, but I can assure you those lines are aligned and linked.

And the other hand, when I try to delete the fillets that I just applied, it tells me no, some tips show up that it would create some shapes that are illegal. and when fillets are applied, the offset face function is almost paralyzed.

It makes me quite hesitate when deciding if I should apply fillets that I am not sure the model is completly finished and no further adjustments are required.

It would be great to feel free to apply fillets whenever I want them.

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Would you be able to add some visuals (video ideally)?

Filleting is indeed is finicky in case of complex designs, but in general if the right set of edges are selected and it is possible in Parasolid (our modeling kernel), we are able to do it. This said, we could / should give you more input why it fails sometimes (any visuals would help us understand the issue more)

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