Making a wire mesh in shpr

I am designing a microphone and would like to create the wire mesh outter screen. I am a noob to software creating and was hoping someone could share how I could go about doing this? Or is there a way I can at least create the effect of a metal mesh?


Hi! Creating a detailed model of the mesh itself will require significant hardware performance, therefore it is not a common practice. Instead of modeling every detail of the mesh, in most cases just a texture is applied on the body.

If you are running Shapr3D in iPad or macOS, please feel free to give a try to our materials, I hope you’ll find them useful:


Thank you so much for the info. I will download the beta version.


if you don’t need the exact interleave of the metal wires, here is a quite simple solution. I also upload the .shapr project if it can help.

Microphone.shapr (3.1 MB)