Text and Layers

I’ve used Shapr3D now for a few days. I am a hobbyist. I like to be able to communicate things I want built to people I hire to build them. (Like decks, and kitchens.) This is a novice’s feedback. Things I’d like to see better supported:

  1. Text
  2. Layers
  3. Selection (rubber-band, encompass) (I realize this is easier in 2-D)
  4. Measurements (without having to draw a line)
  5. Angles (draw a line at a specific angle to another line on a plane)
    Overall, I’d say the app is awesome. It could be that the list above is supported in whole or in part and I’m just not savvy enough to find it. If so, tell me how. (In the past I’ve used SketchUp, but it doesn’t work on an iPad, and I don’t want to use a browser.)

I agree on all points

Hi, all good points.

How would these be different from our folders?

What else would you like to see besides what we have in the bottom?

I don’t fully understand this one. You can already set the angle between two lines. Can you elaborate on this?

@rdiddly + @Gray
From my POV, as a Member, this is the situation currently.

  1. Text is reported to be on the roadmap meanwhile see:


  1. Layers, as defined by major Software Providers do not exist within S3D at present, Folders within Items are very useful.

  2. Lasso Selection, bear in mind that a Sketch and any Sketch added to it resides on a Single Plane.
    Search for Lasso [and other similar terms].
    This is one result:


  1. Dimensions are reported to be on the roadmap, meanwhile see:


  1. Angles between Lines:

I would like to be able to measure the distance between two edges. I haven’t found a way to do that short of drawing a line.
Before I learned that I could draw a multi-sided polygon (other than the 4 provided in the menu) I tried to create one by hand, but could not figure out how to set the angle of the lines to 135º when I drew them. Sometimes if I selected two lines, it would show me the angle measurements, but most often it did not. I could not figure out why it didn’t always. Can you point me to a tutorial or a place where you show how to do that?
Related, when I created an octagon, planning to turn it into a 12-sided polygon, the web page that I read on that topic said I could always change the number of sides. I found that if I wanted to set the size of the polygon while drawing it, the label that allows me to define the number of sides disappears and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back, so I had to set number of sides first. Then I found that I couldn’t change the size of the polygon after I’d made it 12-sided.
Thanks for answering.

Thanks for the video! I have much more to learn I see.

If you select two edges, the distance is one of the measurements that appear in the bottom of the screen.

Thanks. That helps.

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Read more about it here: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001445613-Where-can-I-see-detailed-measurements-of-my-shapes-and-objects-