I´m new to Shapr3D on a Mac Powerbook,
Converting from SketchUp, which has been a great help in many ways. I believe Shapr3D is a. better tool for modeling. But a tool I really miss, is the “ruler tool” which enables measuring widths and heights etc.

Hi @Schwempa, really great to hear that you like Shapr3D. Have you seen the Measure tool in the latest release?

No, I have not. Since I´m a new subscriber, I believe it should be in the program. Where can I find it?

If you update to the latest version, on the left side you should see a Measure button.

OK, thanks. I will try it out. Another question you might be able to give me an answer to, is the row of gray icons down in the right hand corner (the interface on my Mac) . What are they?

Can you share a screenshot?

I have taken a screenshot

Looks like you turned on the “Display keyboard presses” option. It’s used for recording tutorials.

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I have been trough loads of tutorials, which has been very helpful in the learning prosess. I don´t think I quite understand your comment about the recording thing?

The purpose of that feature is to display the pressed keys for recording tutorials. You can turn it off as I show it in the video in the orevious comment.