Memory problem editing internal gear


I have a fully loaded new 2021 macbook pro (M1 Max with 64GB of RAM and also a brand new top spec Ipad pro and I’m having memory issues editing an internal gear generated online. The processing is excessively slow and eventually I run out of memory at 171GB!

Activity monitor shows that 1 cpu is fully loaded at 100% (8 in total). The macbook doesn’t appear to be getting hot, no fans blowing. I get the same issues on the ipad

Unfortunately I can’t upload the .dxf file the online designer creates. I want to 3d print a harmonic drive
Shapr3d says there are 7000+ edges, not sure if that is significant?

I’m new to shapr3d so it is possible my workflow is inefficient ?

Can you send a link to the online gear program, and specifications of the gear? There are a few programs out there, and some really over complicate the edges.

It was geargenerator - I sent a copy of the dxf file I downloaded to the support team as well
It only supports dxf or svg but was very cheap

I saw the mcmaster page someone posted but they want $$$ for the same thing. I’m only hobby tinkering so don’t want to pay that price

I found if I import the dxf and export to stl it seems a bit better. I’m no expert in this stuff (although I work in IT architecture), I suspect there is a lot of hidden stuff I’m not seeing, but I could be wrong.

I’m not precious about the detail yet, just exploring the concept as there are a number of 3d printed harmonic drives, I wanted to see if I could design my own rather than copy someone else’s

Gear properties
Internal Gear:
Number of teeth* (N): 100
Pitch diameter* (D): 25
Diametral pitch (P): 4
Pressure Angle ¶: 27

Hi there! We have received the file, let me tell you the cause of the 7000+ edges.

The DXF that the generator made seems to export the slight curves of the gear as polylines with pretty small segments to make sure the least detail is lost. The problem is this way a simple curved edge may contain dozens of line segments which will be extruded as edges on the solid body.
Apart from the edges, handling these kinds of details require waaaaaay more performance than it should. If possible, please look for a gear generator that can handle splines, you’ll have a much smoother flow.

Please see a screenshot of some gears with some control points.


Thanks Peter, makes sense. Does anyone know of such an app/website? - it seems like a common challenge? (tried a couple)