Missing functions

When you extruded something in the previous version, you could select several options (new piece, subtract, etc…) is that gone to? :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, you are one of the three people who discovered that feature. Now it is automatic, and if that’s not what you want, you can use the extrude tool and the boolean tools to achieve what you want.

I was very satisfied with that options,
Automatic? How can it know if I want to create,stretch or subtract something?

does it make any difference if you keep those features, as an option/alternative?
Please can’t you bring them and the extrude line functions back.


I think I have found an awkward workaround . As the automated detection for subtraction or Union works well (so far) | found you can emulate creation by making the shape you work on invisible. Then the extrusion creates a Shape, not fusiy it. No idea yet if a better solution exists.

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0k, so the extrusion tool works, too. | also liked the old way, but it’s ok this way, too.


I found it but did not understand what it did. Who is the mystery third person? LOL


An old dude in a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic. He spends his days collecting coconuts and modeling in Shapr.

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