Modeled a wardrobe for a daughter in her room

Modeled a wardrobe for a daughter in her room. I didn’t draw the doors, because there is no money for the PRO version. Maybe there will be some tips or additions from professionals?


@Woofer82 Thanks for sharing your project it will offer encouragement by enabling potential Users to see what can be achieved using the Free version of S3D.

My use of SU for similar DIY projects was terminated by Google’s charges, and that lead me to S3D.
Not having much experience with the free version I am interested to learn why the doors cannot be added.

Gelphyn The doors externally comprise 2 pieces of material. The drawings on these doors are pointless to paint in one color. This will not give any idea about the design of the doors. And you can’t decorate this picture with the free version of the program.

@Woofer82 Thanks for that info.
I was thinking about the visual aspect of the project, e.g., position the left hand door open and make the right hand door ‘translucent’, closed or open at an angle. Tools > Color > set the Opacity Slider as appropriate, if that is possible on your version of S3D.

These settings are only for the PRO version of the program :frowning:

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@Woofer82 I sincerely feel for your position, my use of S3D does not generate profit but it was the best choice for me financially to be able to continue 3d drawing on the computer.
Unfortunately the PM System is also not available on your version of S3D.

If you are prepared to share the .shapr3d File for the Wardrobe Publicly, set the Doors as you wish, then I can do the render for you.
Hopefully the Door Construction will be somewhat visible in the result.
Upon my reposting of the File it would be be your choice to use as you wish.

Final stage. Final view after manufacturing ! There were some changes


2019-09-17_08-40-37 2019-09-17_08-41-37 re-shot in better light

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Really impressive, and very nicely finished.
I wager someone is mightily happy now.

Great use of reflections effectively adds spaciousness.

Having a property end to a Thread is always nice, for me this is absolutely delightful.
Thanks so much for sharing this end result.