Modelling a pair of glasses with sun-clip


just wanted to share my last shapr project. I have modelled a pair of glasses with the help of technical drawings and a sample. There were some parts where i did not know how to do it when i started. Particulary those parts which are curved in more than one direction. Several boolean operations worked pretty well.

Creating the lenses and make them fit perfectly in the frame was a challenge too. It only worked with loft and a lot of shapes (and construction planes). But it was a lot handwork. I wish there was another tool to make this work more easily.

The final rendering i have used for the client.


Nice work; thanks for sharing.



Looks great! Are you going to manufacture it?

Hi Istvan,

thank you! My client will launch the product as a limited edition soon. I have a sample here in my office from which i took some measurements to model it in shapr.


Thanks Thomas!

That is great work! All of those compound curves must have taken a lot of thought.

Great work